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im3rd Media was founded in 2018 by Jae Koh, a successful real estate agent, who wanted to provide an invaluable service to real estate agents looking to elevate their business. He created dynamic listing videos before they were popular. These were quickly recognized by his real estate agent colleagues as something that could potentially change the way homes are marketed forever. Our goals are to portray homes in their most remarkable light while making marketing hassle free for real estate agents. We cover every corner of your real estate marketing needs.

We are a group of like-minded individuals. The team at im3rd Media is united by a common passion: empowering people, agents and sellers alike, to expect more out of the real estate process. The process of buying and selling your home should not be as stressful as it has become today. For so many, however, overwhelming stress is what they take from the experience. We seek to reduce stress by allowing real estate agents to focus less on selling, devoting more of their time and energy to serving their customers. We believe that our success is driven by the success of our partners.

That every family has an opportunity to build wealth through real estate.
To equip and empower you with marketing strategies and support to best serve your family, friends, and local community.

To cover every corner of your real estate marketing needs, providing clarity, comfort, and confidence to you and your clients.

What our clients are saying about im3rd Media

im3rd Media is a valued member of our team. Their can do attitude and willingness to engage with various products is a much appreciated product of their business. im3rd Media excels in areas where we need assistance. im3rd Media assists in extending our reach and honing our brand. I would heartily agree the im3rd Media is living up to its name.


Every member of the im3rd Media team goes way above and beyond to deliver high quality, on time work! They showed up to photograph a listing and there was an electrical outage. The team scrambled, brought in lights, and were able to create not only great photos, but they put the extra time into editing to correct the lighting and produce a great video. Reliable and easy to work with!


I believe in supporting businesses that share my core values. Creating community, lifting others and caring about client experience and end product are so important.  im3rd Media does all this and more.  I am excited to be partnering with them on a project and look forward to more in the future.  You will walk away after your time with Jae feeling uplifted and he will always find a way to add value to your business.

-Brandy Hekker