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What our clients are saying about im3rd Media


im3rd Media has been a breath of fresh air to work with. Easy scheduling, lightning fast results, and most importantly photos/media that is representative of the homes we list. Our sellers love the photos and so do potential buyers. It means a dependable photography company to rely on, even in a pinch! You guys offer a wide variety of services that not all photography companies offer, which sets you apart and is another reason to keep working with you. I am a particular fan of the special lighting photos you offer for twilight shots. I’m horrible at marketing, so I don’t think it would love like much You know, I actually never realized that that is what im3rd Media meant, so good to know! You are absolutely living up to the brand name. All I know is rebranding, at least an entire name, is a lot of work and sometimes not worth the time. I like the same for what it’s worth!

Lisa Bender

I have been using im3rd Media since 2019 to create the media collateral for all of my listings.They have helped streamline the entire process and I and most importantly, my sellers, are always thrilled with the results. Jae has huge vision and a heart to help real estate agents! Before I started using im3rd Media, I would have to hire a photographer, a separate drone photographer, do the videos (including the editing) myself and I didn’t have the added features of 3D tours, floor plans and the single property website. Does it cost more than doing “just” photos? Of course! But I think my sellers deserve the best media so that we can get the most eyes on (and in person to view) the house.

Laura Ford

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop photo team that will make your clients say wow! Look no further! I have been a top producing real estate broker for over 17 years and had a “go to” photographer I used for many of those years. Then Jae convinced me to give his team a shot and I have never looked back! His team does an amazing job at making each and everyone of my listings appear to be a high end Luxury home! From photos, drone, video, website and marketing! His team does it all which helps my team stand out to clients and in return get many more referrals! Each and every time my clients see his work they are blown away with the quality, detail and exceptional presentations!I can’t say enough good things about this team! He makes my team look good!

Nadir #RE

As a real estate agents we build and nurture relationships to reach success for our clients. Im3rd Media does the same through full service #RE media-marketing. Their professionalism and quality of work make them my #1 media partner.


Great production company! They do care about their customers and provide great quality service.Highly recommended! The team is also fun to work with!

Michael Schafer

I’ve now worked with im3rd Media for close to 5 years and they are hands down the best photography/marketing team I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They always go the extra mile to make sure my clients are happy which in turn makes me happy and always confident to use their services on my listings. They are thorough, thoughtful, efficient and make my life a thousand times easier when putting a home on the market. Every listing gets the same level of detail and attention and are highlighted in a way that makes them all truly shine. I have yet to have a seller that is not blown away by how their home looks when they see the photos, videos, 3D tour and website. They cover it all and it’s alway stop notch quality. Highly recommend!